We know the children are barely back in school but now is a great time to start planning your fall break to Antwerp. Your children will remember an exciting weekend in Antwerp over anything you could do at home and it gives you all something to look forward to! There are a huge variety of fun family-friendly things to do in Antwerp, from indoor theme parks to exploring our fascinating rivers and underground canals. Read more for family-friendly inspiration:

Comics Station

You probably knew that world-famous comics The Smurfs and Tintin were created here in Belgium but did you know we have 100s more just as good but not as well known? If your kids like reading, illustration or having lots of fun in general, take them to Comics Station. This is an indoor theme park based on Belgian comics and is great entertainment for kids from 3-12 years old. There are rides, activities, puzzles and after a long day of adventures, the restaurant is a welcome place to refuel.

Comic Strip Walls & Street Art

Sticking with the comic book theme but this time you can take to the streets and discover the history and contemporary art of Antwerp for yourself. We have ten iconic ‘Comic Walls’ dotted around the city so you and your little ones will have a great time finding and learning about them. Feed and encourage their imaginations by making up stories about the characters and the adventures they go on. Their vibrant colours and pictures make them hard to miss and make great photo opportunities for an alternative family snap.

Antwerp Zoo

No family trip to Antwerp would be complete without a visit to one of the oldest and most famous zoos in the world, Antwerp Zoo. The zoo is internationally renowned for its breeding and conservation programmes so you can be assured all of the animals are in good hands. There are a huge 950 species and 5000 different animals behind its walls so whether you prefer snakes or sloths, you’ll find something you like! It will take you half a day at least to get around at a leisurely pace and if you plan your visit properly you’ll catch some of the feeding times.

Boat Trip

Did you know its very easy to explore Antwerp by boat? Hop on board a pirate ship (riverboat) and explore the wild seas (River Schedlt) together with your little buccaneers. There are boats that will take you all the way to Antwerp’s huge port which will fascinate your little ones. You will pass loaded container ships and gigantic cranes lifting crates of good onto them. This is especially fascinating for children interested in construction or building as they are like giant Lego blocks!

After long days of exploring, you will want a family-friendly hotel to rest, recoup and refuel each morning for another big day of adventures. Astoria Hotel Antwerp offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere as well as our spacious rooms, perfect to fit all of the family. For our mid-term rates, visit our website and remember to always book direct for the very best offers.

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