A few days ago I received a promotional magazine from the Mayor of Antwerp mayor in the post. Normally these kinds of magazines go directly to the recycling box. This time it did not happen because one of the articles caught my attention: "50 things that you should do in Antwerp". I picked 5 of my personal favourites and I would like to share them with you.

De Criee - It is a covered market in the Van Schoonhovenstraat for people who love eating meat. You can find the best poultry, Wagyu beef and other specialties that are difficult to find anywhere else in the city. And don’t hesitate to ask the butcher advice how to prepare it!

Hoveniersstraat – A walk during lunch can open your world. At that time a day Antwerp looks like New York. You will see Jewish, Indian, Chinese and people of all kind of nationalities walking the street.

MAS (Museum aan de stroom) – Also for non-museum lovers the MAS museum can be interesting. You can go up the rooftop (for free) till midnight and enjoy Antwerp by night. A fantastic view!

Stadsbibliotheek – This public library is based on the famous Hendrik Conscienceplein. Go there and read a newspaper from the year of your birth.

Waterpoort – Go out for a pita or durum at the Waterpoort. It is situated on the Sint Gillisplaats in the south part of Antwerp. This arch was built in the honor of the Spanish king Filips IV and till the 19th century it was a city gate at the Vlasmarkt. It moved already two times and therefore it is also been called “the walking gate”. Is is a very nice example of Rubens baroc art and most likely constructed by the master himself.

If you know other interesting places in Antwerp, we would love if you shared your favourites with us!

Receptionist, Astoria Hotel Antwerp

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