Over the past years we've asked our guests what they miss on our buffet breakfast to make their breakfast complete. We thought it's important to hear their comments as every religion, every nationality, every mentality, every culture has some different habits and tastes.

Apart from funny answers like "caviar and champagne" that wouldn’t fit in a 3-star hotel, we’ve received many successful ideas. For example we have learnt that vegetarian items should be on a different buffet than the buffet with meat and cheese. (You never know if another guest by mistake would pick a piece of tomato with the fork from the ham, salami or cheese.) Bread made without eggs is vegetarian and should be present also on the vegetarian buffet. That’s why now one type kind of bread you will find on 2 buffets.

Also kosher breakfast has a separate buffet in a different corner close to a small sink for washing hands while you are watching the food on the buffet. That’s how it should be for religious guests as we were told.

Thanks to our guests help breakfast is now a big success!

For caviar, please book another hotel category

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