Antwerp and Belgium excel at many things food related sea food, beer, waffles, fries, stews the list is endless. This month we're going to discuss the ultimate treat, chocolate.

Its quite hard to think of chocolate with out associating it with Belgium.  I think we can all agree that the best chocolate in the world is right here on our door step.  The below is going to reinforce my point.  Check out the following chocolate shops in Antwerp.

  • Goosens Fine Chocolates
  • DelRey
  • Hans Burie
  • Günther Watté
  • G. Bastin
  • Leonidas
  • The Chocolate Line, The Shop

A Chocolate Adventure in Antwerp

Expand your knowledge and find out more about local, well established chocolate shops not on our list.

Truly a must when visiting Antwerp! Read all about it here.

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