The Central Station was opened in 1905, designed by L. Delacenserie, replacing a wooden station building.

Until March 23, 2007 it was a terminus: trains had to leave in the opposite direction they arrived.

The renovation of the eclectic Central Station has lasted nearly nine years and was fully completed in 2009. The station was completely modernised and extended with a high-speed line. The historic main building was both inside and outside fully addressed and the range of shops and restaurants has increased significantly.

The station has 14 platforms and 3 levels and also offers international services to The Netherlands and France.

The Central Station should be, according to renowned American magazine Newsweek, one of the top 5 most beautiful stations in the world. Antwerp's railway cathedral was narrowly overridden by St. Pancras (London), Grand Central (New York) and Chhatrapati Shivaji (Mumbai).

In 2010 the station was, according to, the most beautiful station in Europe.

For those who like beautiful buildings or want to see as much of Antwerp, a visit to this historic building is not lacking. For photographers, illustrators and painters is the Antwerp Central Station a popular subject.

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